MINT-EC SchoolSlam mit British Council 2016

Datum: 18.11.2016, 23:59 Uhr - 18.11.2016, 23:59 Uhr
Teilnehmer: 1000
Max. Teilnehmeranzahl pro Schule: 10



All students from MINT-EC-Schools are called for the MINT-EC SchoolSlam 2016!

What are SchoolSlam's  goals?

SchoolSlam aims to help students:

  • Be inspired and engage in the fascinating world of science and its everyday relevance
  • Develop a critical and thought-provoking mindset through innovative and creative activities
  • Enhance their confidence and skills so they can present their ideas to a wide audience
  • Value upcoming scientists as role models 
  • Practice their English and improve their communication skills through science.


MINT-EC SchoolSlam 2016

Students from MINT-EC-Schools in the three last school-years (Class 10 to twelve (G8) or Class 11 to 13 (G9)) can participate in the competition simply by creating a group of 2-5 members with their classmates. Minimum age 16!

The groups can pick any scientific subject that they find appealing, research more about it and find an interesting way to present it in a 3-minute video in English. The video should be made in such a way that is easily understood by a wide audience whilst communicating a scientific subject in a simple, innovative and fun way!

The students will receive guidance from a teacher at their school. From each MINT-EC-School, a maximum of two video entries can be submitted for the competition. The school would need to pre-select the top two videos if more than two groups are interested in participating in the MINT-EC-School-Lab.

The three best team videos will win a prize for their school that supports a special science project. They will also be offered an English language media training delivered at their school by FameLab Alumni from British Council. All winning participants in the School Slam will be invited to MINT400'2017 and will receive a certificate. 

The best video out of the final three will be chosen by the audience at MINT400 in Berlin, which takes place every February with 400 scholars and 100 teachers from MINT-EC-Schools.


How do I participate in SchoolSlam?

To take part, you will need to:

1.     Create a group of 2-5 members with your classmates.

2.     Pick a scientific subject by yourselves or with the assistance of a mentor or your teacher. A mentor could be one of your science teachers at your school or a FameLab Alumni in your local area. The mentor can support you with scientific research methods and skills you need for the effective presentation of your scientific subject.

3.     Present your subject in a creative and comprehensive way in maximum 3 minutes (!) in English. You can present your chosen subject in any way you wish. The video can include one or more experiments, a short "play" or a poem, a song or something completely innovative. Please note that a Microsoft Power Point presentation (or similar software) or text is not allowed.

4.  Film your presentation (mobile phone videos can also be used). Videos should not exceed 60 MB (!) and be submitted in one of the following formats: .wma, .wmv, .mpeg.

5.  Please first check you have parental agreement. You need to submit a parental approval form with your video.


SchoolSlam´s criteria for judging

  • 2-5 members with minimum age of 16 years
  • scientific topic and English language
  • video with maxium 3 minutes length
  • video with maxium 60 MB
  • video in .wma, .wmv, .mpeg
  • send the video until 1st of November 2016 to 

And the most important criteria for success will be the TripleC:

  • Content
  • Clarity
  • Charisma


SchoolSlam's Final Step

All students must send their films to “” by November 1st 2016. The uploaded videos will be evaluated by a jury (consisting of FameLab Alumni: The three best teams will be invited to the MINT400 in February 2017 where the videos will shown to the live audience. The audience will then vote for the best film.



  • 1st place, 500 Euro and a media training in English
  • 2nd place, 300 Euro and a media training in English
  • 3rd place, 100 Euro and a media training in English

The winning-teams and other interested students, max. 20 participants per school can take part in the media training.

Additionally there will be the British Council special price in the category "Sea & Ocean": a waterproof camera (in the value of 430 €)! 


Useful links

SchoolSlam videos of the three best teams of 2015 you'll find here

Visit the following links for extra resources for your video: BBC School Science Clips


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Niki Sarantidou
Geschäftsführerin MINT-EC  Tel. 030/40006731

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